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Bad Cakes


I was raised among a family of great bakers* in a city of world class bakeries and I was stuck in a small  Midwestern town for the last 4,690 daze.** I wanted cake. I craved cake. I needed cake.  

A month or two prior to this feeling as if my life depended on getting a piece of cake craving, a bake shop in town had opened. 

This book tells the true tale of the day I crossed its threshold in search of cake. 

*At least on my mother’s side with the exception of my father who was the best bagel baker on the planet.

**I'm still here.

***NY refers to the NY metropolitan area which includes the 5 burroughs, Long Island, CT, NJ, Philadelphia and anyplace from which people commute to work in NYC. "Upstate" doesn't count so I don't want to hear about it if you're from Buffalo and yes, I went to college in Albany which, when considering NY, doesn't count either.

If you: have ever craved cake, are a foodie, love cake, have an acerbic sense of humor, like shtick, like hand made books, used to live in NY,*** are still in NY, appreciate great bakeries, have ever eaten a Drakes Cake, and / or like reading stories with "colorful" language, you'll love the book!

Construction: Size: 4.5" X 5.75." Two sexto signatures sewn into a cover as one. Printed on Somerset 100% Cotton, velvet finish. (I'm using the good expensive stuff). Cover: Canson Mi Teintes

Printer: Epson photo inkjet printer with archival inks.

Limited edition of 50. Price: $65 per book.

To order: send check or money order to Debra Fink Bachelder, 5151 TWP RD 126, Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338.  Email:

Please call if my email gives you problems—sorry, local service provider. Phone: 419 946-8506.


You Realize You’re a Jew In a Small Town When…


Politically incorrect yet truthful, real-life experiences and observations suffered during the 12 plus years spent in a small Midwestern town after a lifetime on the east coast.  And to think I once cried for two weeks when I moved from New York to New Jersey.

Described as “hysterically funny” in unscientific test marketing—yes, I actually gave it to strangers to read on a flight to NY for Passover.

Volumes I & II (sold as a set)

Written after 4,589 daze in

Mount Gilead, Oyhio


Construction: Each separate volume is 4.25” X 3.5” folded from an 8.5” by 14” sheet.  Four of the eight pages of text are printed over original photographs taken in and around the community for a total of eight original photos between the two volumes (I know you can do simple math but I wanted to make this as clear as possible). Printed with an Epson photo inkjet printer with archival inks on digital, matte photo paper.  

$35 for the pair includes shipping Such a deal. To order: send check or money order to Debra Fink Bachelder,  5151 TWP RD 126, Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338.  Email:

Please call if my email gives you problems—sorry, local service provider. Phone: 419 946-8506.


Dear Dairy

(a.k.a. Green Acres)

Excerpts from Bessie's

Very Private Diary


Bessie is very opinionated. She shares her very private diary from down on the dairy providing insights on dating, politics and life in general from her side of the pasture.




If you love puns, word play and have a naughty sense of humor then Bessie's your gal.

Original photography throughout the book by Bessie's translator and guardian, Debra Fink Bachelder.

Construction: There are 56 pages comprised of seven, eight page hand cut and sewn signatures. This book will be limited to an edition of 20 signed and numbered books. Printed on an HP inkjet printer.

$115 per copy (plus shipping). Please allow 2-3 weeks production time. To order, first email Debra.


The following books are not for sale.

Pervasive Pie

Limited edition book challenge. Hand assembled. Printed on an HP Photosmart printer.




Home Sweet Home

Made in a NYC hotel lobby from free tourist information crap while waiting for friends. And yes, when traveling, I always carry a bone folder,  glue stick & a small bag of scrap papers just in case I get stuck waiting for someone or some where

There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home... 

Reversible house: My Oz and home(NYC) on one side and a small town in Ohio on the other.  Concertina which fits inside also

lists things I love and miss about home on one side and what I hate about small town life on the flip side.

Head Case




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