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Binding Arts


Business Events

Through Binding Arts, I offer entertaining and creative arts workshop tailored to your group, led in a nurturing environment facilitated here or at your location: headquarters or off-site.┬áParticipants at any skill level leave with a beautiful keepsake made at your event.  Client List

A Binding Arts workshop is a highly interactive, entertaining activity ideal for:

  • Staff retreats
  • Spouse and guest activities during meetings and conferences
  • Private events and parties
  • Fundraiser's

Binding Arts Workshops

  • Generate excitement throughout your organization
  • Promote camaraderie among participants
  • Provide instant success regardless of skill level

For small groups up to 12 people, you may arrange to host  your event at Binding Arts' facilities in Mount Gilead, Ohio.  

Binding Arts was renovated and expanded in 2001 by Dean Wentz Architects to take advantage of the beautiful views. It features a large dining room and living room off the central kitchen to provide  ample meeting space while other guests can participate in creative arts workshops in the studio/classroom. Everyone can come together for meals and breaks.

For most any size group, I can pack up and bring the workshop to   your office or meeting location allowing you to enjoy reduced transportation costs while keeping employees and guest participants on site and safe in unfamiliar cities.

Additionally, a Binding Arts activity will attract potential clients to your exhibition space. Convention and exhibition activities tailored to your business.


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