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DFB City Street Gems

DFB Street Gems

The necklace that started it all "Found Pieces" will remain in my control. Some of the pieces will be cast in NY (sounds like an audition) and the chain toggle assembly and casting will also be done there but as to selecting the vintage and one of a kind pieces, deciding on their placement and attachment...that all requires too many "artistic" decisions and I'm the artist so I pulled them out of production and put them back into my studio.

DFB City Axis Be the Deed. Change Your World.

The only piece to be made overseas. First one was so! Instead of BE KIND, it read BE KNID!

Now they are perfect AND available with 3 weeks notice in Sterling Silver, 14 and 18 karat gold and platinum. Email for current prices.

The Grande Dames of the Grande Concourse

Lot's of one of a kind pieces and earrings made here, by me. I selected a favorite, my great grandother Luna and created a collection of necklaces and bracelets.

Visit the New Website:

My LiBEADo Has Always Been Pretty High!

My necklaces in Bead magazine on a NYC magazine rack.


Yale University's Haas Family Arts Library has purchased You Realize You're a Jew in a Small Town When...for their collection!  

"Somewhere over the rainbow...where you'll find me"

and you'll find me... here too: Artist Book News

and here as well: the Creative Center Art Gallery

Available Books

     I was raised among a family of great bakers in a city of world class bakeries and I was stuck in a small  Midwestern town. I wanted cake. I craved cake. I needed cake.  

     A month or two prior to this feeling as if my life depended on getting a piece of cake, a bake shop in town had opened. 

    This book tells the true tale of the day I crossed its threshold in search of cake. 



And Finally, A Picture of...


     Politically incorrect yet truthful, real-life experiences and observations suffered during the 13 plus years spent in a small Midwestern town after a lifetime on the east coast. 

      And to think I once cried for two weeks when I moved from New York to New Jersey.

      It's already in the, Florida Atlantic University Library, Jaffe Center for Book Arts special collections (probably filed under "neuroses").




 I've rediscovered the joy of painting with watercolors take a look.


and the Savings Get Passed On to You

Thanks to the marvels of print technology (hey, I remember typewriters and carbon paper), I am able to reduce the prices of giclees printed on paper, up to sizes (approximately) 12.5" X 18.5." (I can print them at my studio vs. sending them to a lab.) The paper is a luxurious, velvety-felted or watercolor finish paper and the inks are archival-- just like the lab's. Details can be forwarded upon request.

For larger sizes and or other papers or canvas options please see the chart on the photo page.

Print Size

up to 9" X 12"


over 9" X 12"  up to 12.5" X 18.5" $110



More Books and Now, Jewelry!

To view dates, descriptions & to register, yup. Click here.

For descriptions and schedule see the WORKSHOP PAGE

Don't miss the camaraderie, great food, the fabulous gift(s) you'll make for yourself and the skills you'll acquire to do it again on your own.



(I know. Not new news but I just love these.)

Coney Island, Brooklyn, For Starters

I know I went to Chicago months before I went home to NY but let's get out priorities straight: no city in the world gets me more excited than NY.  I was there in November to teach a workshop at the Creative Center and to celebrate my birthday with friends and my family. So after resolving the computer hardware, software and assorted peripherals' problems (which included learning some new software and relying on the kindness of friends more tech savvy than I) I was able to sort through more than 1200 photos. Yes. Over ONE THOUSAND PHOTOGRAPHS. Couldn't do that in film without taking a second mortgage on your house. Here's a tease:


For more photographs of Coney Island & to order prints,  click here.


  • I'm updating it once a week--at least that's my goal  THAT NEVER HAPPENED in 2009,10 or11. Okay, I'll try again in 2012
  • How Do I Love ME? Let Me Count the Ways. You missed a lovely workshop. Comments and more pix click here.

The Creative Center -- I'm linked!

You can order prints of some of my photographs directly from the Creative Center. The Creative Center is a community of artists, cancer patients and survivors, trustees, donors, and friends who are dedicated to bringing creative arts to people living with cancer. (I was a "class of 2006" Hospital Artist in Residence trainee.)

Prints are a great, reasonably priced gift that gives back to a wonderful organization.

There's always an occasion when you need to purchase a gift  so why not buy a gift that gives back to a great cause? And if you do  place a photo or giclee order directly with me, I will still donate a percentage of the sales to The Creative Center.

The selection on The Creative Center link, above, is limited.   Please see the PHOTOGRAPH page (toward the bottom) for a list of portfolios by subject.


Collages, stuff made from vintage stuff, cards (I am trying to save the US postal service...Holiday workshops...

Watercolors  Please view the rest of my paintings.


"I got a Nikon camera, love to take a photograph,

so mama don't take my Kodachrome away..."  Paul Simon

Hmm to digital technology that song doesn't work let's see...oh, I got it: 

"Someone told me it's all happening ay the zoo..." Paul Simon



Zoo and Aquarium





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