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It's been six years since I painted. I started again last month and here's what I've done.

Please note that the colors may be different on your monitor, The colors of The House painting are brighter in the original piece and in the giclees. The background blue in Cone Flowers is also brighter. For some reason the blues I am painting with this year are not reproducing accurately in Adobe Contribute Software.

Giclees of these watercolors are available by special order. Please email for sizes; print options: paper, dry mounted, canvas, stretched or gallery wrapped; and pricing. 

Thanks to the marvels of print technology (hey, I remember typewriters and carbon paper), I am able to reduce the prices of giclees printed on paper, up to sizes (approximately) 12.5" X 18.5." ( I can print them at my studio vs. sending them to a lab.) The paper is still a luxurious, velvety / felt textured finish or watercolor paper and the inks are archival. Details can be forwarded upon request. Other options may become available so if your interested, we'll talk.

May & June 2009...with more on the way!!! 


The House on 314

Cone Flowers Shells


I painted these between 2000-2003

Clockwise from top, left: Adobe, Birch Trees, Three Apples, White Daffodils, Rooster


sizes are in inches


up to 8 X 10 $70
up to 12 X 12 $110
up to 12.5 X 18.5 $110

The above sizes are printed in-house. If you are interested in larger sizes, I will get a quote for you so please contact me.

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