Binding Arts

Binding Arts



Professional Development Workshops for Teachers & Modeling in the Classroom

Artist in Residence Programming: Development and Facilitation

How Does Arts Education Impact Student Learning?

Arts Education:

  • Gives students access to unique ways of knowing and displaying their knowledge. They draw on the multiple intelligences and accommodate a variety of learning styles.
  • Promotes cross-cultural understanding and knowledge of civilizations and cultures, past and present and help students appreciate the diversity of their cultural heritage.
  • Provides universal languages of communication.
  • Offers means for creative expression.
  • Provides opportunities to solve problems that require higher level thinking skills.
  • Promotes active rather than passive involvement.
  • Makes abstract concepts concrete and understandable for learners.
  • Reaches students who are not otherwise being reached (e.g. at-risk students).
  • Transforms how students are perceived by others, revealing abilities in learners previously unrecognized by teachers or other students.
  • Builds community by providing opportunities for collaboration.
  • Sharpens students' learning-to-learn and social skills.
  • Connects learning experiences to the real world of work.
  • Provides means for gathering concrete evidence of student learning.
  • Teaches three processes of life-learning: critical thinking, creativity, and reflection.
  • Builds students' self-awareness and personal skills required for success, such as planning, persistence, perseverance, and time management.

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VSA Arts of Ohio with Ohio Alliance for Arts Education 

One of 18 artists from around the state who participated in Professional Development for Teaching Artists (2009)

Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - Ohio State Based Collaborative Artist

One of seven artists selected and trained as a Peer Teaching Artist Coach/ Artists’ Mentor (2006).


In 2005, designated as a Teaching Artist Who Leads the Way -- Ohio State Based Collaborative Artist.  One of Sixteen artists selected and trained by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Partners in Education Team to help pre K-12th grade teachers integrate arts processes into their classrooms


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