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Binding Arts


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These are all one-of-a-kind books. NFSPlease click BOOKS to see my first editioned book that's now available for sale.



Time's Up


Fish Tales



I prefer making one-of-kind books vs. editions.  I think its the goal oriented side of me: come up with an idea, see it to fruition, move on, now what?  However lately I want the challenge of learning to play more with the computer so I am working on a few books that I plan to edition.. Here are the titles: 

How to Take Care of a Boy

(I am hoping to use it for commercial success to fund my You Gotta Have HeART program.  Most people who have read it have cried and that includes some of the boys for whom it is written.  Anyone know Oprah or a publisher? Suggestions and advice greatly appreciated.)

Dear Dairy  DONE! go to the top of this page for he link.

Nope. You read it correctly. It's a diary of Bessie's life on the dairy. Oh, and by the way, Bessie is a cow.

Top Secret

(Pun intended). Actually it is a secret and it isn't the title. The idea is so good, I am afraid someone will steal it so I am keeping my mouth shut on this one. You'll just have to wait.


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