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Debra Fink Bachelder

I am a native New Yorker who moved to Ohio in 1996 to marry a friend after a 21-year hiatus.

While attempting to adjust to a new rural “life” I took a book-making workshop for its therapeutic value. Realizing that $150 per hour for professional counseling could best be put to use in art supplies, I began making one of a kind books and cards. I also took a watercolor painting workshop because the instructor was originally from Brooklyn, New York and I figured it was worth the fees just to listen to her tawk for three hours a week. I started teaching card making and collage in 1998 and books in 1999.

Prior to relocating, other professional art experience included writing and graphic art responsibilities on Wall Street and making beaded jewelry, which sold in galleries, museum gift shops and catalogs.

Currently, in addition to making books, I have been nagged back into making jewelry by my mother (what else are mothers supposed to do?) and since I usually listens to my mother, I began wiring old watch parts, bottle caps, scrap booking finds, old tokens and other stuff (now called ephemera”) creating “urban jewel totems” to ward off homesickness and as conversation starters when traveling. As a result, they’ve been commissioned by people from New York, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut; Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.  And as a further result, I launched:

DFB City Street Gems

Another obsessions is photography--finally making peace with my surroundings, although at a distance through the lens of a camera, seeing parallels between the rust and deterioration of local farms and urban areas.

In 2006 I was one of 10 artists selected from a nationwide pool of applicants to be trained by New York City’s Creative Center as a Hospital Artist-In-Residence. Beyond providing much-needed relief and distraction from the anxiety, pain, and boredom that is often associated with a hospital stay, the Artist-In-Residence Program provides patients with a way to become absorbed in their own creative process.

I have been the Artist-In-Residence at Tri State Youth Academy, a residential treatment facility for teenage boys (where I founded You Gotta Have HeART) since 2007 and at Nationwide Children's Hospital, Hematology/Oncology and BMT since January 2011.

I am also an Ohio State Based Collaborative Artist selected and trained by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Partners in Education initiative to develop and present professional art workshops and to evaluate and mentor other teaching artists.

I have developed and presented workshops and business retreats for  Gilda's Club in NYC, The Wellness Community, Columbus College of Art and Design; Wexner Center for the Arts; Ohio State University's Center for the Book, Design Department,and Medical School; University of Rio Grand, Ohio; Ohio Craft Museum and many other public and private venues. Please see client page.

While a former national sales and marketing executive from New York’s financial services industry I became a finalist in The Funniest Person on Wall Street at the Stand-Up New York Comedy Club (1985).  A firm believer in Karma. I am now living everything I ever made fun of.




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