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To REGISTER for workshops, first contact Debra Re:scheduling then follow this link:

Date TBD

½ day - Ornament Books

Do you need a beautiful handmade gift for people closest to you?  Here are three expressive stunners that can be simple to complex depending on your materials and time. I think they're fabulous for any occasion, all year round Like weddings, graduations, holidays...just because....

  • Tassel books 
  • Brad Books
  • Star book


$55 per person includes materials

Date TBD

½ day- Interactive Cards: not just pop-ups

Mesmerize your recipient not only with the sentiments but with the delivery! Spend the afternoon learning how to make these playful cards for the kid in all of us.

  • Tumbling snowflake
  • Changing message
  • Interlocked twist

$55 per person includes materials

Sign up for both sessions (they are taught the same day) and I will make lunch! I'm a great cook.

Date TBD


A carousel book takes five views from a series, divided panorama or a acts from a play and places each one in their own window to create a multi dimensional viewing experience. Open half way, it’s a stage; tie it closed and rotate the book to enjoy the carousel.  From a bird’s eye view, it forms a multidimensional star. No matter how you look at it, it brings joy.

$135 per person includes materials & lunch

Date TBD


Art Journals

First you need a journal so we’ll create one with Fabriano paper suitable for most any media. Next, the journal should lie flat when open so we’ll create it using by chain stitching it before calling on our muses for inspiration to begin marking our pages. If she’s not available, I have plenty of exercises and prompts to get you started and help develop the habit!

 $135 per person includes materials & lunch

Date TBD


Water Color 101

There’s so much more to painting with water color paints than swishing a wet brush in a dry cake of paint or a blob from a tube. It’s a fabulous medium for everything from master paintings to starting points for collages and backgrounds for cards and rubberstamps.  Join me for a day to learn about and play with the very traditional methods and techniques. It doesn’t matter if you “can’t paint or draw.” You will gain a new appreciation and a some basic skills to use in your current art practice.

$135 per person includes materials & lunch

A Star Book, hanging


A Box of Books

You will be too amazed to realize the essential art skills you will have been practicing by the time you complete this box of precious books.

Approaching paper as a sculptural element we will fill a paper box (we’re going to make that, too) with three small, hard-cover books. Individually, each book makes a beautiful little gift to become an ornament, gift tag, mini journal, guest book or album (they just scream party favors) but we deserve a box full of them! Think of all the graduations, family reunions, trips and other celebrations that are coming your way.


You've collected post cards from all your trips. You saved everyone you ever received. Here's your chance to take 14 of your favorites and create a house with a lift up roof and an optional drop down wall to reveal the inside images of your house.

Many psychologists and artists believe that a house is really a metaphor for oneself. Uh-oh! I promise not to go there but you may be surprised at what you reveal. (My first ever house style book was so obvious I didn't "see it" until someone pointed it out to me many years after I made it.)

scroll down to the bottom  of the page for details.

photo soon...I promise. really.

Create Your Own Workshop & Pick the Date

Some of you travel. Some of you work weekends, some of you...well to accommodate as many as possible AND spend more time providing individual attention, here's my proposal:  If you can get four people together (plus you makes five) I will schedule a workshop when it suits your schedule  so it could be a Saturday, Sunday or a weekday.  Workshops are limited to eight participants at the studio. 

Samples shown may not reflect what is made during the workshop. Actual finished piece is based on individuals' skills, preferences and availability of materials. We will talk before your workshop so I can do my best to select supplies to accommodate your personal style. Can't decide? There's plenty in stock and I can help you narrow down the choices or even prepackage a kit for you.



Crazy for Concertinas description

Boost Your LiBEADo description

Good for One Wish necklace and detail shot, above. Samples shown may not reflect what is made during the workshop. Actual finished piece is based on individuals' skills, preferences and availability of materials.

Felted Floral bracelet, above & May I Have a Word With You? below

Get Wired without the Caffeine description



Wire wrapping, simple "eye" pins...basic skills and finishing techniques to let you make beautiful jewelry that won't fall apart, scratch the wearer or catch & pull fabric. 


My philosophy on providing workshops at my studio is a bit different than most instructors.  Learning how to make art has to be a total experience or as some of us remember "a happening."

The surroundings have to be beautiful, the materials sensual and the atmosphere, light-hearted and joyful. I believe you deserve to be pampered and nurtured so in addition to providing the best I can in art and instruction, I prepare home-made comfort food to feed the body along with your spirit. 

“Debra Bachelder is not only a fine and accomplished paper/book artist but she is a wonderful teacher as well.  I’ve attended two of her workshops thus far and the highest compliment that I can give is that going to Debra’s house for a workshop is a retreat for the soul and a “bed and breakfast” experience without the “bed.” 

She is generous with the most beautiful art supplies for the projects that she is teaching and her home in Mt. Gilead, which is in the woods, provides a warm and inviting place to be with friends and meet new ones. 

I felt pampered the entire day, not to mention that she is also an attentive hostess and provides a delicious lunch made from scratch.

Her workshops have renewed me and I plan to attend as many as I can.  It’s a wonderful way to take care of ourselves. 

Pauline King, APRN, BC

Director, Healing Journey for Children
James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute

A few comments from some of the participants:

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents.

I adore the books/box I made. I can't wait to show them to some creative folks I work with. I think they'll be inspired to sign up for future workshops, too.

I'm really proud of what I made.   You take joy in what you do and that is contagious.
I had a wonderful day playing with and learning with you on Saturday...I loved everyone's energy ...Thank you for taking such good care of us.

General Workshop Information:

$135 per person.  Use of tools and equipment included.  Workshops are held at Binding Arts Studio, MT. Gilead, OH

If you need facilities that are wheelchair accessible, please let me know immediately as I may be able to change venues. Fabulous lunch and snacks provided although I can not accommodate special diets. You may bring your own food.

Please read the "fine print" at the bottom of the description page for registration information and EMAIL if you may be interested. Workshop seating is limited to 8 guests and fill quickly. Priority is given to prior attendees (affectionately known as repeat offenders).


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